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Peru - Dolphins in Danger on air on ARD-'einsfestival'

Our report on Dolphin slaughtery in Peru will be on air again Every year thousand of Bottlenosed Dolphins die from the hand of fishermen - a problem of poverty. Man and dolphins in Peru are a special kind of community of fate. The German biologist Stefan Austermuehle is fighting a tremendous fight for the protection of dolphins along the Pacific cost as well as  in the Amazonas rainforest ...


Mo 31.01. um 15.00 Uhr
Mo 31.01. um 04.45 Uhr
Di   01.02. um 09.45 Uhr


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Our documentary ‚Treasure Hunting’ is now available online

For those who missed our documentary ‘Treasure Hunting’ on TV - now it is available online in  the ARD media library.

Especially against the backdrop of simmering conflicts between professional and amateur archaeologist the film becomes more and more politically charged. Politics promotes the plan to introduce the so-called "treasure trove” what means to the finder, he can claim no longer his previously-guaranteed fund rights. It seems very likely that then the illegal treasure hunting will increase dramatically and historically valuable finds could be lost forever.

‘Treasure Hunting’, 30 minutes

director & camera: Uli Pförtner

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Report on animals for slaughter completed

On many transports of animals across Europe violations of the ‘Protection of Animals Act’ are constant companions. The organization ‘Animals Angels’ are fighting for the improvement of the often painful conditions. Several weeks we accompanied some ‘Animals Angels' activists: On the motorways in Spain and France, on markets and farms in Eastern Europe and in their headquarter in Frankfurt / Germany. The film delivers insight in the very personal experiences of the employees to understand the motivation for their commitment. The result is an half-hour documentary with portrait elements for the German broadcast station ‘Hessischer Rundfunk’.


„On the road for the animals  -  Animals Angels in action“

author:  Katja Devaux 

cameraman & editor: Uli Pförtner

broadcast date:

Sun, 16th of January 2011, 18.30 h MEZ,  hr fernsehen TV





‚Dreamhouses’ completed

For the public TV ‚hr fernsehen’ we realized this 45 min. documentary. It has now got ist final touches.

In the film building owners and residents give us access to their very personal ideas of their individual house-dreams. The main story is located in our hometown Braunfels. Here the ‚Braunfels Castle’ with ist historic ambiance on one side and  a highly exciting postmodern architecture on the other side can be found - directly eye to eye.

broadcast date:

11th of November 2010, 21:00h MEZ, hr fernsehen TV