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project promotion


To obtain film subsidy or film funds - particularly for documentaries - it gets more and more difficult especially for small producers. Mostly it is demanded having TV stations in the boat. But if they are not interested in a topic many good and exciting movie projects fail by the wayside.

We are currently working on new ideas for film financing.

Based on the facts that many films do not have to be as expensive as it they are very often because the periphery devours so much money; and assuming that (we know that from our daily experience) there are many viewers who’d like to see more good and interesting documentaries and who complain a trivialization of television, we are currently developing the concept: The audience as the producer.

The idea: if many give only a little, films can be created that the audience REALLY want to see.

A democratization of filmmaking is going on more and more: In the Internet, on YouTube and other platforms everybody can run his own channel. We go a step further: through a community with small means for the individual - films could be developed and produced that otherwise never would be realized.

We have ideas and concrete plans for such an approach and we will introduce them here very soon ...