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Film as an emotional medium is ideally suited for self-representation of firms, companies and projects. In close cooperation with selected partners (i.e. graphic animations) we offer every opportunity to draw a realistic an informative picture of your project.

Therefor we let flow in our journalistic and creational experiences from our TV coverages. So your corporate films will get individual contours, which makes your company in the public unique - and this in an entertaining and innovative way ...


  Miss SparWatt and the color from space
Company: sicc GmbH

An unusual solution is ou scetched „Miss Watt saving“ that we created specifically fort he topic of saving energy. She is leaned on the famous ‚Miss Marple’ figure, a detective who is always behind the waste of energy ...


© 2003 - 2010 Uli Pfoertner


  How it works: Thermoshield - Animation
Company: sicc GmbH

Created in collaboration with a partner company - a 3D animation to illustrate the principle of an energy saving wall paint ...



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  Development aid in Tibet / Films for NGO’s
Company: Integration / GTZ

On the road in Tibet together with development workers. Whether small hydro power or solar projects - in this case films had been part of a project documentation. It couldn’t show more clearly the on-site conditions, possibilities and results than films made on original locations ...





  Product presentations
Company: Abbott

Who knows your product better than you?

A huge machine, a businesslike room interesting illuminated by some spots we set up, to this an employee or developer who presents the product well experienced - for the Web, for a trade show, on DVD, or as an email attachment ...