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Peru - Dolphins in Danger

arte, 2008, 52 min.

In Peru every year at least 15,000 dolphins die by human hands - a problem of poverty. The fishermen sell the meat in the markets as the cheap 'Chancho Marino' ('sea pig'). The film is about dolphins and humans. Both fight for theirt survival and in a very specific way they are kind of a ‚community of fate’:


The fish which served both as food or as an income basis centuries-long is gone today in the former richest coastal waters of the earth.

The German biologist Stefan Austermuehle and his Peruvian wife Nina Pardo fight an extraordinary battle against the dolphin slaughter. And the use unusual means: Hidden camera investigations, joint raids with the police but first of all special trainings of the fishermen to dolphin-tourist guides will hopefully lead to a rethink: If the fishermen can generate income this way such a partnership will save both - animal and human


Challenges for the shooting


Because of undercover researches by the NGO ‚Mundo Azul’ the film also uses the resources of hidden cameras. A major challenge to the team was how to film the marine dolphins in the dim and pounding waters along the Peruvian coast during quick boat trips and between extreme wave crests. Only with a special camera solution of waterproof mini-cameras previously mounted on poles it became possible to ‚swim with’ the dolphins.

The film was invited to several festivals and won different prices.